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N13 is a postage territory placed in northern London, it comprises generally of Palmers Green area. It is a peaceful, suburban territory, it is additionally home to the biggest Greek and Turkish groups in London, regularly nicknamed “Little Cyprus”, you can expect two things from those nationalities: amazing kebab, and chipper gatherings, frequently outside.

There is likewise a modest, little theater that was inherent spot of a 1931 St Monica’s Church, Roger Moore and David Bowie used to perform there, Bowie even did pantomime acts, freaky shit! Cutting edge Palmers and N13 range in the meantime, is a flourishing shopping area with numerous shopping centers, films, restaurants along these lines on along the Green Lanes, all that you can ever longing and need to have a breather between your working hours, or simply having a great time with your family on the weekends, imparting  on a supper and having a stunning time together.

It is characteristically, additionally splendidly prepared concerning open transport with various transport lines, line stations and clearly, tube. There is additionally a waterway that is continuously redeveloped as a recreation zone, with biking courses and new asphalts ideal for sentimental strolls.

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